Monday, July 09, 2007

Monday Clean Up

Today will be a day full of mundane chores. However, Jacob never views mowing as mundane. It is a task that he enjoys immensely. Matthew and Joshua on the other hand will be weed eating, and they aren't near as enthusiastic about that job. It takes a while to mow and care for a yard as large as ours. It seems as if every time I go out the door there is something that needs to be picked up or cleaned up outside. I am thankful to have a yard to keep up becuase in times past we have not had this pleasure.

While those children will be working outside today, Hope and I will be putting our home back together on the inside. I am still amazed at how quickly a clean home can turn into a messy place. We have a few children that haven't mastered the art of picking up after themselves ALL the time. Just a few of those backsliding moments can cause a house to fall into critical mass destruction if we aren't diligent. Well off to clean I go....hi, ho, hi, ho, hi, ho!

grace and peace,



TNfarmgirl said...

We'll be doing the exact same thing on our farm :) Sigh!

TnFullQuiver said...

Fun, Fun, Fun!!!!
Talk with you soon.