Friday, July 06, 2007

The grass is ALWAYS greener...even for cows

What is wrong with this picture?
At first glance you may think there is nothing wrong. However, there is something VERY wrong. First clue, where is the mother of this calf? She is on the other side of the fence which happens to be our farm. The calf learned early on that she can slip through the fence and join our neighbor's herd of cows. She loves the neighbor's grass as well as cows much more than ours because that is where she is staying for much of her time. She does come back home to drink milk from her Mom. I thought that having the calf next door would upset the Momma cow. I expected her to be bawling her head off. Nope...not our cow. She seems more than happy to let the cows next door watch her baby throughout the day. Everybody likes the situation except for me. I am aggravated to say the least that we have a calf ,who my children named Isabell, that lives on the next farm over!! We did go out last week to repair the part of the fence that she was using to escape. However, we discovered that the entire fence line would have to be repaired. The neighbor is fine with little Isabell joining his herd. I on the other hand am looking for a place to contain her. Our barn is in much need of repair. Our son suggested we just put her in the house. I didn't exactly like that idea, but I did consider putting her in Michael's shop with the black kitty. After all, he isn't doing much wood working right now anyway. Then I remembered that I had agreed to keep a friend's litter of 6 puppies in the shop for the next 2 weeks. I don't think I can store any other animals down there for now so I guess the arrangements that the 2 cows have worked out will have to do for the time being.
grace and peace,

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