Monday, July 16, 2007

6 Puppies and More

We have been puppy sitting for the last week. Only one week left to go until the puppies' family return from vacation. Our kids have enjoyed the experience. I think this is the best way to experience keeping puppies. Keep them two weeks, and send them back home. The first several days the puppies were here, the kids begged to keep one of them. This time I stood firmly on the word "NO". After one week, every child is getting a bit weary in well doing. They still like the puppies, but they aren't so ready to take on a full time responsibility for them. They have now experienced caring for them. Come to think of it, in the last few days nobody has asked if they could keep a puppy. Either they are being wonderfully obedient children, or they have decided that puppies are lots of trouble. (I bet it is the latter)!
Michael and I spent some time this weekend making some farm plans. We walked an area to see if it was suitable for keeping pigs. We....He decided that it was. We had already purchased hog panels last summer so now all that is left to do is install them to make a pig fence. While we were walking on our property, we found a metal box on plywood skids that will make a great pig shelter for quite awhile. The previous owner of our property kept hunting dogs so every now and then we find dog paraphernalia. I was happy because this will give us the pig shelter that we were lacking. I called the local pig farmer. He has pigs for sale at $35 a piece. We will purchase 2 pigs for our pork consumption. We have raised pigs in the past, and we were delighted with the meat. The meat was wonderful, and I was amazed at how much it cut down on our grocery budget.
As soon as the pig project is completed, we will be on the look out to buy a black Angus calf. You better believe I want the calf to be big enough that it can't slip through our neighbor's fence like our Jersey calf does. We spend way too much money at the grocery store these days. I know that having a cow and 2 hogs in the freezer would cut down on that expense greatly.
I was disappointed when I called the local Blueberry farm and discovered that there would be no blueberries this year. I had a suspicion of this, but it was confirmed yesterday. Between the late freeze we had this spring and the drought, the blueberries have not produced this year. I know we lost all of our apples off our June apple tree, and that has been sad as well. However, we trust God no matter the situation, and thank Him for all the things that we have had this year. (I am still going to miss the blueberries, and the homemade blueberry syrup for pancakes, and eating fresh blueberries from the bowl, and homemade blueberry pie, and well you get the picture!
grace and peace,


Leah S said...

That wasn't the story at my parent's house! When I was 14 we bred my golden retriever Missy and she had 9 pups. Yes, us kids had to do most of the care, and we were STILL sorry to see them get sold!

In fact one of the pups were sold to a family, then the father died a week later and they didn't want the pup because it was a tragic reminder. So we let them return Caleb (about 9 weeks old) and everybody (dad included) but mom wanted to keep him. Mom won. :P

But your kids are so adorable with the pups! :)

TnFullQuiver said...

9 Golden Retriever Puppies...Thats A LOT of dogs! Sounds like great childhood memories to me. Thanks for taking the time to share them with me.
grace and peace,