Friday, July 13, 2007

Pictures from Saturday's Harvest

Here are a few pictures from our garden's harvest last Saturday. We have had enough squash and zucchini. Those plants are just about done producing, and I am not sad to see them go. I have enjoyed the bounty, but I am ready to eat other things for awhile now.
The one thing that I am not tired of is all of our lettuce. I love the fresh lettuce, and we eat it often. I remember the first time I made a salad with fresh garden lettuce. I did not have a salad spinner (pictured in the last picture) so I washed the lettuce quickly and dried it with paper towels. While I was eating my salad, I found a slug on my plate. I just about choked. I am smart enough to know NOT to say anything about bugs in the food in front of the kids. That is something I WOULD NEVER hear the end of. I prayed nobody else had bugs on their plate. After dinner, I told Michael that we needed to make a trip to the kitchen store to purchase a salad spinner. He asked me why...I quickly told him....he quickly agreed for a road trip. Now to wash my salad, I fill our kitchen sink up with cold water. I submerge all of the lettuce in the water. I let it set for a bit. I even slosh it around a bit. I then wash the lettuce under running water, and spin it several times in my salad spinner to dry. I have never again found a bug on my salad plate!
grace and peace,


EllaJac said...

OK, Sign me up to move to TN. Yesterday I found a few 2-inch zucchini and 1-inch crooknecks starting to grow - our first! The first several blossoms just dried up and dropped off (it's been HOT here - maybe that's why?). And the only other thing harvestable so far has been radishes and weeds. Hmm...

TnFullQuiver said...

Come on and move this way...We always have room for a few more fellow gardners. I wish you were close enough to share the squash and zucchini with us that we grew. I remember living in Florida and the only thing that grew were weeds. As punishment for our children saying "I'm bored", their dad would send them out to pick weeds for 30 minutes. It didn't take long to stop that talk!!!

grace and peace,