Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Simple Things

The snow is still falling here.  It isn't that luscious snow that produces mounds of sledding fun.  Instead, it is just that cold bitter stuff that gets in the way.  Things have been a bit stressful around here with the grey skies and a few major decisions that need to be made.  Sometimes without the sunshine, the hard things of life seem bigger than what they really are.  Sunshine makes everything look better! 

Last night I stepped into the shop to get a package of meat out of the freezer.  While I was there I looked at my plants.  Then without thought, I started tending to them.  I spent several hours out there immersing myself in the dark life giving dirt.  When I was finished, not only had I transplanted all of my cabbage plants, planted 50 more broccoli plants, and added extra dirt to the other plants, but I also had taken the time to gather my thoughts and relax.  It was therapeutic for me as well as my plants.  I had no agenda so I was free to stop when I was ready.  Sometimes we need to step away from all the things that overwhelm us and just take a moment to enjoy the simple things of life.  Did I mention I am ready to enjoy some sunshine again?

grace and peace,


Paige said...

So true.

Concetta said...

Jules...did you ever take the meat out of the freezer??
Love you,

TnFullQuiver said...

No, Connie I didn't. Guess what we had for supper...beans and cornbread!
love ya!!!

Unknown said...

it happens to me every time i go outside and the sun only tries to peek out and bam, i've gone on another rabbit trail. i do it every time and i too got "stuck" in my tool shed with my plants, so much fun and so relaxing! yep know just what you mean. may you meanderings be God filled!