Tuesday, March 23, 2010

March Madness

March is a strange month...probably not even close to one of my favorite months at all.  Take the last three days for example.  One day it was warm enough to wear shorts, and by the next day it was snowing!  I have issues when I see huge snowflakes falling down on beautiful new blades of kelly green grass!  Last night my husband built a nice warm fire in the fireplace.  I enjoyed a good book huddled under a quilt sitting by the fire.  What about that cries spring?

 If the weather wasn't enough to put me in a grouchy state, the basketball tournament could sure make that happen.  During March Madness, my house turns into one big basketball showdown complete with adult people talking to a t.v.!  At least this year, the men of this family are enjoying the tournament due to the fact that Kentucky is playing their best basketball in years.  I could go into great lengths to share the exact reason why Kentucky is so good this year.  I could give you scenario after scenario because the conversation even invades our dinner time.  However, I will keep my mouth shut.  This ain't my first rodeo, and I know that after this upcoming weekend my house will return to normal.  The tournament will be finished, the weather will be getting closer to stabilizing, and the month of March will soon give way to April.  Now April...that is a month that I have always loved.

grace and peace,

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