Thursday, March 25, 2010

Shop Happenings

Today will find me and the "shop dog" repotting tomato plants.  This is a time consuming process so I am sure that I won't get it all finished in one day.  Missy won't mind though.  She likes being in the shop.  She has been down there lots lately.  My husband has been working on cabinet doors to complete our kitchen cabinets.  Our second son has been hired to build a large plant stand and install it in a woman's house.  He too has been hanging out in the shop getting ready to start the project.  This brings much excitement for me to know that at least one of our boys will be following in his Dad's footsteps! 

Off to plant I go...I think Missy has beat me out there and I already hear her chewing on something!!!!

grace and peace,


Paige said...

Ahh! I would love for Dan to have a shop! I let him drag a project into my kitchen this week when it started raining and now I have to double check all my pots for sawdust before I cook! (I did make sure that all my cabinets were closed first though, so no worries there.)

Ah well...he has to play sometime! :)

Carmen S. said...

Have fun with your tomato plants and your lovely assistant Missy:D

Concetta said...

Maybe while my brother is in the shop he could get crack-a-lackin on a certain hope chest with a carved crown on the outside...just a thought!
Love ya,

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