Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Farm Life Sometimes Brings a Heavy Heart

Our jersey momma cow fell in the barn the other day.  She has done some damage to the nerves in her neck and is laying unable to move.  We have had the vet out, and he has assured us that she is capable of moving, but unwilling to do so.  The vet and Michael had her standing for a moment, but then back down she went.  It has been a very trying few days.  This is my sweetest most favorite cow here on our farm, and it is heart breaking for me.  We are having to flip her over on a daily basis which is no easy task.  We are using hay to prop her up, and carrying water and feed out to her.  We are lifting her head so she can drink and eat, and we are wondering if she will recover.  We have spoken to two vets, and we had another vet come out to the farm to check her over.  They all seem to think she will recover.  I am unsure.  It seems that the longer she lays, the less she can move in my humble opinion.  I pray I am wrong.

The accident has left us with a baby that for over a day and a half was unwilling to drink from a bottle.  Late last night, I finally had success.  He drank an entire bottle and I celebrated our accomplishment.  It was the only highlight of a very sad few days here on our farm.  The cows in the above picture are not happy about being thrown out of the barn.  They are unsure why Isabell won't move and they seem to be unsettled that we are spending so much time in the barn while they remain outside. 

My kids and I have learned some interesting facts over the last few days.  First, did you know that you can use a cow's tail to pick it up and move it?  Me either...I thought the tail was there only for decoration!  I could tell you more fun cow facts, but I need to get back out there and check on her again. 

grace and peace,


Carmen S. said...

Awww, how sad, I will keep her in my thoughts and prayers that all turns out well!

Paige said...

Oh no! Let's just hope she's basking all the attention and the spring weather will get her itching to be outside again! I hope she gets better soon!