Monday, March 22, 2010

Hardening Off Plants For the Garden

My garden is still growing in our shop area.  The tiller is in need of a new carburetor which will be purchased this week.  I have started hardening off my plants to prepare them for the big move to the garden area.  To harden off the plants, take them outside everyday.  As you can see from the above picture, my plants are drooping a bit.  They are not use to sun and a breeze.  I left them outside on this day for a couple of hours.  The next day I left them out a little more.  I increase their exposure everyday, and in about a week they will be ready to plant.  I used to think that it was only important to harden off plants if you were planting during the colder months.  Then I planted a bunch of plants in April and learned quickly that the sun will do damage to tender plants that have been grown indoors.  Now, I just make it part of my routine to harden off all plants that I grow under the lights. 
I have a tray of 200 tomato plants that are in desperate need of repotting.  I will work on it during this upcoming week.  It takes a good long while to transplant this many plants.  Ideally, my other plants would be in the garden by now, and I would have more space under the grow lights for all of these tomato plants.  200 plants in bigger containers take up a lot more space than one large tray!  That has been another reason that I have been holding these little ones off from being transplanted.  I have allowed my little tomato plants some outside time, but I have to be very  careful with such tender young plants. 

grace and peace,


Carmen S. said...

Wow those plants on the table are big! Here in Pa we can't plant in the garden til at least mid may, but I am SO ready this year:)

TnFullQuiver said...

I remember living up north...everybody back home were planting their gardens and we still had snow on the ground. I used to take a small portion of my grocery budget and buy a potted tulip or hyacinth to leave in my kitchen to remind me that spring would come! Hope you have a great day!
grace and peace,

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