Saturday, March 20, 2010

Cooking for Others

I am the person responsible for our church's luncheon tomorrow.  We will be feeding over 100 people, and I volunteered to head it all up.  Now, will someone please tell me why I got sick yesterday?  Surely the Lord knows I have to be at my best to make this shindig work!  I have enlisted the help of all my family, and everything should go off without a hitch...(I hope). (Just so you know, we all pitch in and share the work at our church.  It isn't like I am the only one cooking or anything)!  Everybody was asked to bring a side dish and a dessert to share.  I will be making my mom's coconut cake.  I wanted to take a dessert that would feed a lot of people, and I love this cake in spring.  The only problem is that most of my kids don't like coconut so I don't make this for my family very often.  I can take it to the church luncheon and share it with all the other coconut lovers out there.

So this afternoon, I will be rolling up my sleeves and pulling up my hair to bake a cake.  I love baking cakes.  I don't do it very often so when I do take the time to bake a homemade cake, it seems more like playing to me.  I am not a very good cake baker.  My cakes always look like they are going to fall any second while sittting there on the cake platter!  It makes everybody hold their breath whenever they walk by it!

I have another preplexing cooking question to ask.  Why is it that when you serve 9 people dinner, the only person who would be grossed out by a hair in their beans gets the hair in their beans?  Nobody else's dinner has a hair only the person that would be bothered by it!  (That is why I am going to pull my hair back this afternoon).  I made stuffed pork chops for our family and my brother's family.  There were about 15 pork chops, and I had used a toothpick to secure the stuffing in each one of them.  I removed all the toothpicks (so I thought).  My brother was enjoying his pork chop and then discovered that I had left a toothpick in his.  He accused me of trying to kill him.  None of the other pork chops had toothpicks.  If that wasn't bad eough, I assured him that he wouldn't find any more toothpicks in his meat.  Guess what he found just minutes after my proclamation?  Yes, he found another toothpick!  This was almost the undoing of wouldn't have bothered anybody else sitting around the dinner table that day so why did he choose the one pork chop with 2 toothpicks still hiding inside???!!! 

While I can't answer any of my own cooking questions, I have learned to pull my hair back when cooking for other people, and NEVER NEVER use toothpicks when cooking for others.  There just isn't any telling what might could happen with that! 

grace and peace,


Kay said...

wham! i too have started to put my hair up. it never failed, that the "one" that would be grossed out by a hair, invaribly found "that" hair. i just started 2 weeks ago doing this. isn't that strange but this really hit home. i really started laughing and sharing your tale!

Concetta said...

Post the recipe Jules!

Kristy Quinn said...

LOL It's a running joke here that mom's hair makes dinner taste better. lol I would love your coconut cake recipe too! :D

TnFullQuiver said...

Yes, it is funny how that hair seems to know which plate to fall into!!

When ever my kids find one of my hairs, I just smile and tell them it is made with love!! I guess that is why it never bothers them.

Yes, I will post my cake recipe. Haven't you eaten my coconut cake??? If not then I beg forgivness for never making it for you...perhaps that should be our birthday cake this year!!!

grace and peace,

Concetta said...

My Darling Jules,
Yes, I have eaten your coconut cake...still want the recipe...I treasure every recipe I have from you! How about a gizzard birthday Bubby would like it and we would be the talk of the town!
Love you,

TnFullQuiver said...

Wouldn't that just fix you if I made a gizzard birthday cake?!!! If it weren't my birthday too I might just give it a whirl. Hey, I know...maybe I'll just buy you a real live chicken for your birthday!
love ya,