Saturday, January 16, 2010

Winter's Nap

Whenever the winter weather has a nap and the temperatures rise above freezing, it is time for my men to head outside and do some much needed chores.  Today is one of those naps for winter so my hubby sharpened the chain saw and gathered the men children.  It was discovered that during one of the latest wind storms we lost a couple of oak trees at the top of the hill.  The wind left the oak tree in a precarious situation.  It wasn't completely on the ground, but just hanging in the balance with its weight plastered against another large oak tree.  The men of my house will go out and remove the slain tree.  We are hoping the other oak tree will heal nicely and will stand tall to see more winters.  If there is too much damage, that tree will also have to be removed.  We will use the wood to make fire in the fireplace.  Although it doesn't do a lot to cut down on the heating bill, it sure is nice to have a warm fire.  I like the ambiance of a fire and I like the heat that it produces right up close.  As much as this chore needs to be accomplished, I think that hubby and team are just itching to get outdoors.  They don't like to be locked away in the house waiting out the fierce moods of winter.  They like to be outdoors doing something...anything really.  It doesn't matter.  He loaded up the boys including the 5 year old.  He too will learn to help his Daddy.  He is big enough to haul tree limbs and learn the work of a man at his father's side.  He would never stand for being left behind. He is always eager to join his daddy in anything.   I also know there will be plenty of time for the littlest of my men to get to play and run.   That is part of the purpose of this trip.  They all have excess energy to expend.  I went outside when they loaded up in the truck.  The English Mastiff made sure she was among the workers.  She too would not stand  to be left behind.  She must go and see what new adventures lay ahead for her day.  She too will come back tired and happy.  I wish I were going with them.  I have other obligations for the day so I will not be able to enjoy winter's nap this day.  I hope to be included the next time. 

grace and peace,


Paige said...

Hope they have fun! Btw, you all might look at getting a Hearthstone stove, if you want to use all wood-stove heat. They're quite pretty and it could easily heat your entire house. They're amazingly efficient!

Paige said...
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TnFullQuiver said...

We were looking at that. It was going to be a purchase we made for this winter, but then Michael lost his contract and there just isn't money for that right now. If things go back to normal, we will put that on the top of our list! Thanks for the reminder.
love ya,