Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Farm Chores in the Winter

Missy went to the pond today and announced that it was frozen. She didn't do anything about it so we sent our oldest son out with a tool to break the ice. While he was out, he also fed the animals and carried some water to the cow who lives in the barn. Why does the cow live in the barn you ask? Well, the fences didn't hold her. After chasing her up and down the hill multiple times, Michael decided it was time to turn her into hamburger. If your naughty around here, you might just be eaten!!! We tell our teenagers that all the time. Don't worry they don't believe us so it goes in one ear and out the other! After feeding and watering the animals this morning, the boy came back into the house all excited. "I actually did a farm chore with a coat, and gloves, and boots!", he exclaimed. In return, I fed him homemade whole wheat pancakes filled with blueberries that we froze this summer. It was a good morning...especially for me. I just stood by a warm stove and made food while he had to go out in the cold. Yep, I like my job much better than his! The barn cow's water will need to be refilled again because it will be frozen soon. Lucky for me, I have 3 other boys to send out later in the day. See, all those hours in labor and delivery have paid off for me in the long run. I am left to stand by a warm stove while they are out doing all the farm chores.

grace and peace,

grace and peace,


Anonymous said...

lol That cow should have been smarter. Whole wheat blueberry filled pancakes? OH MY GOODNESS... that saounds amazing! I would LOVE the recipe!! Have a happy day :o)

Carmen S. said...

I love the pic of Missy at the pond, she is "queen of the farm"! Glad to hear your labor and delivery pains are paying off...maybe I should of had more than one, LOL!!!!

Unknown said...

yeah life is sweet, haha

TnFullQuiver said...

I will share the recipe soon. My family loves them.

Yes, Missy is the Queen of many things around here or at least she thinks she is!!

How is life treating you???

grace and peace,

Lynn Bartlett said...

I too am grateful to not have to be the one to go out and do chores. I was very concerned this morning, though, when my son came in from milking the cow and said he couldn't feel his fingers. Thankfully they thawed out quickly, but I did feel guilty he was out instead of me when we had windchills of -50 degrees. I am hoping this weather goes away soon!