Friday, January 29, 2010

Freezer and Pantry Stock

It seems that so much of my life is involved with feeding somebody!  If it isn't husband and kids, then it is some animal.  Everybody on this farm likes to eat.  We grow or raise a lot of our own food.  I wish we could do more because our grocery budget is still high.  I was doing freezer inventory last night.  The cow that we slaughtered in September is almost gone.  How does one family eat that much beef in just a few short months?!!  I thought an entire cow was suppose to last at least a year.  I do have to keep in mind that we feed 7 to 9 people on a regular basis.  Although we haven't raised any more pigs here on our farm, we did purchase a whole hog from a friend.  He gave us a good deal which turned out to be almost as cheap as raising it ourselves.  He had extra so he was willing to share.  I am so thankful to have pork back in the freezer.  Our canned goods are not holding out very well either.  I have already finished the last of my home grown tomato sauce, grape jelly, and most of our green beans.  Next year will find me planning and growing and canning way more than I did this past year!  I learned my lesson.  We are feeding up another cow to hit the freezer in the month of March.  We are also looking to purchase pigs again soon.  I suggested we wait until it gets just a little bit warmer outside.  It isn't that pressing now that we have a freezer full of pork! 

grace and peace,


Concetta said...

I love that picture - so beautiful. Your table is missing just 2 things - gizzards for me and Michael and some limas! LOL!
Love you,

Janene said...

You inspire me to be a better homemaker this spring. I plan on planting a garden and canning. As for the animals, I just don't have the room for off to the butchers I must go!
But how wonderful that you cook so much for your family and not eat out so much.
Now if I can only keep this feeling going!
Have a wonderful weekend...and thank you for the inspiration!

Paige said...

I really like your "what's for dinner" and "garden to-do." It's nice to see what you're doing when!

And speaking of taking stock of the kitchen, I've been accumulated a TON of canning jars! I can't wait to use them! :)

Anonymous said...

What a lovely picture... I am sooo hungry now :P lol :)I long for the day we have some land and can live off of it and our own animals :)

TnFullQuiver said...

There NEVER has been or NEVER will be Gizzards on my Christmas table...unless of course you are hearing celebrating Christmas with us!

I am glad that you have been inspired by me. That has been my goal for this blog all along. Don't be discouraged if the fuzzy feeling doesn't stay around. Somedays i don't feel like cooking much either. On those days, I try to have a much easier meal planned or I might offer the dinner meal to be prepared by a child.

I'm glad you like it. I was hoping it would be helpful to others.

Your day will come. Keep the faith!

grace and peace,