Saturday, January 02, 2010

Kitchen Renovations Continue

This was the look of our kitchen renovation right before Thanksgiving. We took a short break before working on the kitchen again. We had all the materials already tucked away in Michael's shop except for the floor and we also wanted to purchase new counter tops. We knew that we could do neither with the change in Michael's job situation. I was so discouraged over my kitchen floor. The counter tops didn't bother me too bad, but the floor was almost unbearable for me. It was vintage 70's flooring with gold and yellow flowers that gave me a headache to look at for very long. If that wasn't bad enough, it was full of black glue and junk. It was impossible to even mop it. I knew that the money wasn't there to fix it so I chose not to complain about it to my husband, but my heart was sad about it nonetheless.

We were given some money by the insurance company to fix some major wind damage to our home and barn roof. Michael will be doing the work himself so we had a bit of extra money left due to the fact that we wouldn't have to pay a roofing contractor. He took the extra money and bought the materials for my kitchen floor. (Nothing says "l love you" like covering up an ugly gold and yellow kitchen floor)!

Just a few days before Christmas, Michael and our son Joshua starting installing the floor. I was so excited! Here is Joshua putting down the last piece of flooring. Did you note that there are no more yellow and gold flowers showing?

Here is the final product. I am so thrilled and so grateful to the Lord that He knew my heart and provided something as trivial as a floor. Michael now has to make the cabinet baseboards, finish the cabinet doors, and put up crown molding. We are getting there slowly and I love my kitchen and my floor so much. If we had known that he was going to lose his contract, we would have never started the renovation in the first place. Since hindsight is 20/20, there isn't much we can do about it now. Truth be told I am glad we didn't know because I have this wonderful new kitchen that I LOVE to be in throughout the day. I love to work in here and I love to play in here too. For the first time since we have bought this farm, I really really love my house. I have always been thankful for my home, but there were always things about it that I wanted to be different. The rooms were to small to entertain and I wanted a great room. After much hard work from my husband, I now have my great room. Did I mention that I love it? Did I mention how nice it is to have a roaring fire going that I can see from my kitchen? Did I mention just how much I love my husband?
grace and peace,


Concetta said...

Nothing says I love you like a beautiful hope chest with a crown insignia....alas only a dream....I am so happy for you my beloved brother is one awesome guy...don't tell him I said so - you know how big his head gets!!!

Carmen S. said...

Your new flooring is wonderful! What a difference small changes can make:)

Mountain Mama said...

Absolutely beautiful! So fun to see how God provides, even in the little things. He is soooo good!

Marci said...

It is beautiful!!! I love it and I am really thrilled for you!!

Paige said...

Wow and WOW! I LOVE your new kitchen! I'm sure that you're family will reap all in benefits in even MORE goodies that you'll love whipping up in your new kitchen! The remodel is lovely and honestly, I'm so glad you closed that other entrance to the kitchen--so much more counter space and I love your new appliances. Dan always drools over the brushed stainless steel ones when we wander through Home Depot. I need to see more pictures of the rest of the house! What a beautiful job!

Paige said...
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TnFullQuiver said...

We will keep that awesome guy thing between us...we can't stand his head getting any bigger!

I love this floor so much that I don't even mind mopping it! I am sure that will wear off soon.

It is fun to see what the Lord does when we least expect it!!!

Thanks so much. We are all enjoying it!!!

Thanks! I will get picture of the living room when we get the paint finished. We were going to remove all the paneling in the living room and hall and dry wall. However the job has caused those plans to change so I asked Michael if we could just repain the paneling. I like painted paneling, but he doesn't so I wasn't for sure if he would agree. He did agree so we should start that project soon. I like my new appliances, but I am having to work harder than ever to keep them clean. I would be very frustrated if we had little little kids again with these appliances. I can only imagine little hand prints everwhere.

grace and peace,

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