Friday, January 08, 2010

Winter Days

This year's winter is turning out to be full of cold and snow. The kids have only been back to school for one day since Christmas break. We are kind of getting a little cranky at times. Michael is trying to work from home and the kids want to play all day. The problem is that his office is downstairs where the play takes place. It isn't all that conducive for getting a lot accomplished. I am getting caught up on my reading. I spent last night snuggled in a warm blanket in front of the fire reading a fiction book. It was lovely. Hope sat with me warming her toes while she was busy knitting a scarf. I like the slower pace of winter...I just wish it wasn't so cold outside!!!

grace and peace,


Boysaplenty!! said...

Just how low have the temps gotten? How much snow have you had? We are in for an unusually cold weekend! Maybe even snow flurries!! Can you believe that?!

Concetta said...

What I wouldn't give to be having that winter here! I miss you Jules! By the way, I love your table - how gorgeous!
PS...I have a house full of girls having a slumber party right now! Babyheads wouldn't even go outside for a nice bonfire!

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