Thursday, January 07, 2010

Why Do We Procrastinate?

I have wanted one of these entry way tables forever. I mean this is something that I have really wanted. We do not have end tables or a coffee table in our home so I liked the idea of having a nice table to set a real lamp on in the living room. It wasn't until we moved Michael's office downstairs did my wanting something changed to needing something. (I know technically it wasn't a basic need, but my wall was completely bare and I had NOTHING to go there). I finally did something about it and bought this little narrow table. Let me tell you, other than the kitchen floor and the kitchen remodel, I have loved this little narrow table more than anything I have purchased in a long time. It makes me smile when I pass by it especially at night. I have NEVER had lamps in my living room. Now, I can turn on my little lamps and leave off the overhead light. It helps keep my house feeling calm and peaceful. Why did I wait so long?
Just yesterday, Michael FINALLY put weather stripping on the back deck door. This was the same door that allowed enough wind into the house to blow your hair if you were standing close to it. (Maybe that is why he has waited so long...because his hair never blew and he didn't realize that it needed to be done)! He also put weather stripping on the laundry room door. That has made a huge difference in that room.
We decided last night that we procrastinate way too much. Although we are better about this than we were several years ago, we still let little things go. Last night we sat down together with a large white board and dry erase markers. We made 4 categories: 1.HOUSE 2. FARM 3.GARDEN 4.WORK In each of these categories, we wrote down the things that needed to be accomplished over the next few months. (We didn't write down the things that we knew we couldn't do this year. We kept money in mind and only put down the things that really needed to be done. We have a separate journal for our dreams and hopes. This board isn't about is about accomplishing things on a daily basis). I am also hoping this board will turn me from a nag to a beautiful mare! I get called a nag by the men of my house because I ask the same things to be done on a frequent basis. For instance, I am in dire need of a seed starting area to be constructed. Michael took ours down last summer to make more room in his shop. Here it is almost seed starting time, and I am left with no place for that. I have asked and asked. It is too the point that he sighs loudly now when I ask again. I started asking in the beginning of December. Now that it is on the board with a star beside it, he knows, without me saying a word, that it is a top priority. (By the way, if I don't get one soon, I will be writing him a little note on his board)!!
I am hoping that having a large board with a list will help keep us focused on the tasks at hand. I'll let you know!!!
grace and peace,


Carmen S. said...

Thats lovely and so inviting too! It really is the simple little things that make us happy:)

Paige said...

Good idea and that's too funny about michael's hair. Haha

I like the board idea. It really should keep you focused. I have a post coming up about a new perspective on New Years resolutions... Certainly puts me in mind of you all!

Love you guys!

Anonymous said...
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