Tuesday, November 03, 2009

A Peek Into My New Kitchen

I was without a sink for 3 days. My husband called me melodramatic because I didn't handle those few days very gracefully. I am happy to announce that he has removed all paneling from the kitchen and dining room area. He has rehung all of our cabinets, and I pray he NEVER takes them off the wall again. As you can see, I am back to cooking once again. I have chicken simmering on the stove to make chicken n dumplings. I will be making a sweet potato casserole, green peas, and yeast rolls for dinner. My kids did even worse than me when they were forced to eat store bought pizza, hot dogs, and pop tarts. Let's just say it wasn't a pretty sight!!

I am so thankful to have a sink installed again. I haven't complained once about doing dishes since the sink has been returned. It could help that I know our new dishwasher will be here on Thursday!
We still have a lot left to do for our kitchen remodel. Michael will be working on mudding and finishing the dry wall. I love watching him finish out dry wall. It always amazes me when he is done. Once that is complete, then we will be able to paint it. He will be installing appliances on Friday. (Sears had a great deal and we were able to get our needed appliances at a 25% discount)! We are still trying to decide what to do about the counter tops. Again, our budget is a key element to our decision. He is thinking about doing granite tiles for the counter top. It is about the same amount of money as Formica counter tops because Michael is the one doing the work. We still haven't made up our mind, but it is okay because we aren't in a position to purchase anything else at this time. He has all of the materials in the shop to build the corner cabinet and new upper wall cabinets. This will take some time and when he is finished I am hoping we will have the money to go to the next step. If I have my way, floors will be the next large purchase that we make. We should be past the hardest part of this renovation after last weekend. Whenever we do get to do counter tops, it will require my sink to be out of service again for a time. I am going to be better prepared next time. I WILL have meals tucked away in the freezer for those few days. I will also make sure we have plenty of paper plates and cups!
We also purchased a hood to go over our stove. We have never had a hood since we have lived in this house. I am looking forward to our cabinets staying cleaner and free from grease. We are all getting more used to the new configuration of our home. Thus far I really like it. I am hoping to get done with the dry wall, paint, and new cabinets by our Thanksgiving deadline.
grace and peace,

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Paige said...

Looking good! What color are you looking to paint the kitchen? Hmmmm. Granite is SO nice but the cost is such a problem. The tiles would be a good idea/compromise! Can't wait to see more updates.