Monday, November 23, 2009

Monday Madness

There isn't much time today for a proper post. My husband has me busy, busy, busy. I only got a chance to sneak on here while he is in the shop making a drawer front. I have been given a paint brush, polyurethane, and some freshly built cabinets. Oh, I almost forgot the best part...sandpaper. That has been my morning chore. Next on the list of things to have me do is to prime the walls in the kitchen. I am trying every way in the world to figure out how to get out of that one. I don't like to paint, but I hate priming. At least with paint, you get to see the pretty new color come alive. We are on the countdown to get the kitchen done and almost put back together before my family arrives on Weds. for Thanksgiving. As soon as we make our goal, I will be sure to post pictures so you too can see what we have accomplished!

grace and peace,


Concetta said...

I think I gave you that magnet one year!!! I posted a picture of flowers on my blog today - we think alike!
Love you!

Carmen S. said...

Hope you get it all done then you can relax with your family:)

Unknown said...

Yes, you gave me that magnet the year you came to our house to celebrate our birthday. It is still one of my favorites that always makes me smile. I saw your post today, and I smiled because you did post a picture of flowers. Yes, we do think alike. Just wish we could be together for Thanksgiving. Jacob would love to blow all of your candles out again!!!! Send our love to all.

I don't even care about the relaxing part. I am just hoping I can make the Thanksgiving dinner!!!
grace and peace,

Paige said...

Good luck and godspeed! Can't wait to see the picutres!

regina said...

I can't wait to see the pictures. I know it will be perfect.

bsadams said...

looking forward to your pics too, I know it will be awesome, I'd be a nervous wreck with it so close to the holiday :) Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!! sharon