Saturday, October 10, 2009

Saturday Situating

I had hoped that Michael would spend his day dry walling the small wall in the kitchen so he could put my hutch and bar area back together. The weather did not cooperate. It was too wet to bring dry wall home from Lowes so no remodeling was accomplished today. Instead he decided to tackle his shop. There hasn't been much shop activity as of late due to the state of the shop. It was even hard to walk through the area. Thank God it didn't look as bad as the above picture. You can read more about that day here

We set off down to the area with much fear and trepidation. I am not fond of spiders and I was certain that there were quite a few camped out in my potting bench area. Guess where Michael stationed me to work? We spent several hours down there and made some progress. There is much more to go. I am hoping that tomorrow will be sunny and beautiful so we can head to Lowe's to pick up dry wall after church. If it is still rainy, I am sure I will get stuck back down in that shop cleaning something else with him. My other plan is to cook a huge Sunday dinner so everybody is too full to work!!! Before I decide about that, I will be checking the weather report!
grace and peace,


Carmen S. said...

Oh gosh girl, sure hope you can get the drywall!!! If not, the BIG dinner just MIGHT work:)

Chef JoAnna said...

Chicken & Dumplings!
Noodle & Egg Kugel!
Turkey Tetrazzini with Pasta!

When you want to put people to sleep, carbs are your friend, especially heavy, wet, salty carbs.

write to me if you want recipes ;-)

TnFullQuiver said...

Good advice!!! I would love to have a recipe for noodle and Egg Kugel. Not only have I never eaten it, I am not sure what it is!
I am looking forward to spending some time on your blog. It looks very interesting! Thanks!!

I hope the big dinner works. It looks rainy here again this morning!

grace and peace,

Alvin45 said...

Hi, Love your blog. Can you tell me how to change the background from red to another color. Cannot read your current blog as is. Thanx

TnFullQuiver said...

Thanks for the comment. I hope by changing my background to white, it will be easier to read for you. I like the look of the new background, I too find it easier on my eyes! Thanks for letting me know. Have a great evening.
grace and peace,