Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Beauty in The Front Yard

Yesterday evening I was outside taking a few pictures of the "smoke" on the mountains. It is so beautiful and it captures my attention each and every time I see it.
I also got captivated with the beauty of the English Mastiff. They are such majestic creatures when they are awake!

Missy was guarding the castle here. She was watching both ways to make sure all was well in her world as well as ours.

I can't let you leave without getting a glimpse of the beauty of the mountains covered with fog. Glorious!
grace and peace,


Carmen S. said...

What a beautiful view you have, and Missy is so beautiful too, wish I could just give her a big ole' smootch!! I bet her kisses are pretty slobbery:)We have a couple that bring their mastiffs to the animal clinic where I work and they always come with BIBS on, its so funny:)Thanks for sharing your wonderful pics and enjoy your day!!!

Unknown said...

the Lord spoke to my heart in that"Gentle voice" to be quiet about my desire of the mtns in TN but you sure make it hard with those beautiful pics of the mtns!!!

Marci said...

I love your view!!! Still hope to live there soon.

bsadams said...

Oh, I just love your Missy...give her a giant hug for me, my little one is now 11 weeks old and it's funny how he looks like a full grown mastiff only smaller, if that makes sense to you, lol, it's just that puppies seem to change their looks as they get older but he already looks older, love your picture too!! sharon

TnFullQuiver said...

What a great idea! I am now on a quest to find a bib for Missy. That would help cut down so much on her slobbers. I hope she will wear it!!! Thanks for telling me about it.

I am sorry about that. I am sure you could still come back for a visit!

I am still hoping you do get out here. Wouldn't it be fun to be neighbors!

I know exactly what you mean about them looking like full grown mastiffs as puppies. They are the only breed that I know of that does this. Carmen suggested putting bibs on them to help cut down on the slobber. I thought that was a great idea!

grace and peace,