Monday, October 12, 2009

Baby Blue Eyes

Just a few weeks ago we took Seth back to the eye doctor. We got another great report concerning his vision. The Dr. again stated that Seth is doing way better than he had hoped or dreamed. Seth improved yet another step on reading the eye chart. The Dr. has been so impressed with Seth's recovery that he decided not to do anything else at this time. (Prayer is a powerful thing)! He wants to let Seth's eyes continue on their own to grow stronger. We do not have to go back to the Dr. for another 6 months. At that time, if there is no improvement he will consider patching his eye. Seth still has no depth perception. He runs into door facings often, but this too should get better as his eyes improve. He is a joy for me to teach in school. He is learning to read very quickly, but he is behind with handwriting. I know this comes from the fact that he couldn't see very well until he got his glasses. He is learning the fine motor skills that most children learned when they were 3 and 4. I am patient with him concerning this area. He will catch up soon I am sure.
I am not a mom that runs to the doctor every time one of my children gets a scratch or a cold. However, when I realized that Seth's eye wandered, I sure wish I had gone to the eye doctor immediately. I thought it was something that he would out grow. I look back at his pictures before he had glasses and I am amazed at what I see now. His eyes looked odd. I just always thought he was tired or maybe was feeling a little under the weather. However, I now know that it was because his left eye wasn't functioning at all. He had such poor vision in it that he quit using it. Like any muscle not used, it just quit working properly. The eye doctor told us that we had until the age of 8 to correct this muscle issue. If we had waited much longer, he could have lost vision in his left eye permanently. After the age of 8, the muscles are set for life. I wanted to sound the alarm. If your child has an eye that doesn't look quiet right, make an eye appointment for him or her. It may just save their vision. It has made a world of difference in our little man's life!
grace and peace,


Carmen S. said...

I'm happy to hear of the improvement! What a cute lil' guy he is:)

bsadams said...

He is for sure a little sweetie!! I'm so glad to hear he's progressing quickly, that's great news!! Sending Ohio prayers his way!! sharon

TnFullQuiver said...

Carmen and Sharon,
Thanks so much for the thoughts and prayers. We are very thankful!
grace and peace,