Thursday, October 15, 2009


Thought you might enjoy a look at our mountains. Although we don't actually live in the Smoky Mountains, it sure does feel like we do!

grace and peace,


Mountain Mama said...

Your own "private" smoky mountains. Beautiful!

My husband was helping with my computer problem. (for some reason I can't post pictures) Anywho, he was looking at other blogs to see if they had pictures posted and he went to yours. He immediately said, "I think you will need to copy those recipes." They look yummy!

hope all is well in your (smoky) mountains.

Boysaplenty!! said...

Gorgeous view! Do you get that often? What have the temps been like lately?

TnFullQuiver said...

I hope he enjoys the recipes!!! I also hope he gets your computer problem solved. I know it is frustrating. I can no longer move pictures around on blogger. I get very frustrated with this issue, but we haven't found a way to resolve it as of yet.

Yes, there is 'smoke" on the mountains a lot around here. It mesmerizes me at times. Our temps have been in the upper 50's and 60's in the day. Today was the first day that all of my kids started looking for sweatshirts! It shouldn't be long now and we will be wearing sweaters everyday. We have had a lot of rain lately. I am sure y'all are having nice weather down there. I got such a kick out of your last post of being a little scared of such a sweet little baby girl!! Once again, you put a smile on my face!

grace and peace,