Friday, October 23, 2009

FREEDOM (for the baby chicks)

Michael decided today was the day that our baby chicks would be let out of the chicken coop for the first time. He did not consult me on this. I was shocked when I stepped outside to find our baby chicks enjoying their first taste of freedom. Apparently, Missy was also shocked.

She was uncertain which direction to go to make sure the new little egg producers would stay safe. It will still be several more months until they are ready to lay eggs, but until then we want them to be happy AND safe. We believe the fox that killed so many of our other chickens went off and died since we haven't seen it around since Labor Day. Our other two adult hens have been fine. The fox was picking our chickens off one at a time, and we don't think the other two hens would still be alive if the fox were still alive. That is my logic anyway! To be on the safe side, we will be watching the chicks carefully. We also will be locking them back in the chicken coop every evening. They will be safe there.
grace and peace,


mitsy said...

I've been subscribed to your blog for a while now and really enjoy the view into farm life that you provide. Your farm is just beautiful. I especially love the posts that involve your wonderful Mastiff - what a kind and gentle beast but also a serious protector! She makes me smile. :)

Boulder Creek, CA

Carmen S. said...

Missy is a wonderful "babysitter" for the chicks:)

Andrew said...

Our oldest had an egg business, with about 60 laying hens. A few weeks ago at about noon he glanced over where they were and discovered a coyote, so he ran and got his gun. He managed to make the coyote drop the chicken he was carrying, but didn't get a great shot off. Something must have been going on all morning, since 40 of his 60 chickens were gone. So, we've gone from collecting about 30 eggs/day to only 1 or 2! I was just sick yesterday when I had to purchase eggs at the grocery store. Thankfully our son had started about 25 chicks in the barn before this happened, but it will be a while before they begin laying. I guess it's all part of the learning process. Thanks for sharing.

Andrew said...
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Lynn Bartlett said...

Oops, I accidentally posted with my son Andrew's name! Sorry!

TnFullQuiver said...

I am so glad you left a comment! I am also glad you are enjoying the blog. Missy almost always makes me smile too! Hope you have a great weekend.

We still watch her though because she can hurt them without meaning to!

I am glad that I am not the only one that does that. I use my daughter's account often. I understand the frustration of losing chicks. It hasn't been that long ago that we had a lab and Missy get into one of our chicken tractors. The lab killed most of the chickens and Missy played with the rest until they died. She was still a young pup then, but I cried when I realized that our source of eggs had been demolished. I am so thankful that Andrew has some chicks already there on the farm. It is so hard to wait for the little chicks to grow into egg producing hens!

grace and peace,