Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Bread Baking

I have been baking bread since our first son was born. That has been over 18 years now. Ever since I got confident with bread baking, I have wanted to try to bake Challah bread. I had never eaten this wonderful Jewish bread until the Navy moved us to New York. It was heavenly. Many deli's serve sandwiches on this bread. After tasting it, I understood. The other thing I have always wanted to do was to make braided bread. Somebody please tell me why I have waited 18 years to do this? It was so simple and fun. I knocked out two goals at the same time yesterday. I made Challah bread and braided it! I had so much fun and my family enjoyed it. Jacob ended up eating half a loaf before supper. Next time I will read ALL of the directions and use a piece of tinfoil to shield it to keep it from being too brown. I didn't see that part of the directions until the bread was half gone!
I guess I am in the bread baking mood while I still have my kitchen in somewhat working order. Michael didn't get to remove my cabinets from the wall last weekend after all. I was so relieved because I didn't think I could take much more disorganization. I know it will be happening soon, but until then I am going to be baking bread!
grace and peace,


Carmen S. said...

OH MY that looks so delicious!!! I have been making the 5 minute artisan bread and love it also, it's so quick and easy and has a wonderful, almost sourdough flavor! Have you ever tried it??

Betsy said...

Hi Julie,
Just wanted to let you know I tried your Yeast Roll recipe and my whole family loved them. I've searched a long time for a recipe and yours is wonderful. Thanks so much for sharing.
Have a great day.

TnFullQuiver said...

I have never heard of that bread. I would love the recipe if you would be willing to share. My email is miajul@comcast.net

I am glad you like the yeast roll recipe. They are a staple at our home. You will always find them on the menu or our special holiday dinners. Thanks for letting me know.

grace and peace,

Jenny&Liberty said...

I tried the rolls with your White chicken chili both were wonderful. Also no Sanderson Farm Chicken in my area. Life still goes on. I will email you as well for the new recipe.