Thursday, October 29, 2009

Just Another Reason Not To Exercise

The weather outside yesterday afternoon was perfect. Michael was in early from work so I grabbed my walking shoes and headed out the door for a quick walk around the loop. I told him I would be back in 45 minutes. When I left, the kitchen was spotless. Not one dish was on the counter or in the sink waiting to be washed. They were all put away in the cabinets. The counters were clean, and everything was in its place. I told him that I had beef stew that we would eat when I got back from my walk. I wanted to wait on Josh to get home from football practice so we could all eat together.

When I came back home from my 45 minute walk, this is what my kitchen looked like! I am not joking. I am not making this stuff up imagination isn't that good! I had no idea that he was going to tear the kitchen apart while I was gone. (I might have stayed at home).

I hadn't even had a chance to get a drink of water when he asked, "Hey, Julie. Can you wash dishes in the bathroom for a few days?" I assured him quickly that I would not be using the bathroom sink, the bathtub, or the toilet to wash dishes. If he takes out the sink, it must be put back that same day...I had to draw the line somewhere!!!!

After just a few hours of work, he had the kitchen back in order enough for me to cook. This corner is where the big pantry cabinet used to be. We had the refrigerator there for about 2 days. He has now closed in the doorway.
I would be worried about my mental health if I were the only person in the house exhibiting symptoms. I can't tell you how many times I have been standing in the refrigerator and turned around to where the refrigerator used to be to get something. The other day I watched our 15 year old put his beloved apple cider in the pantry cabinet instead of the refrigerator. He caught himself and I heard a growl coming from his lips! Last night, I bet I tried to walk through the doorway that isn't a doorway any more in our kitchen to get to the hall at least ten times. I heard everybody making the same mistakes. Some of the kids laughed when they realized their mistake, while others grumbled. Our oldest son was at work when Michael made the wall out of the doorway. When Matthew came home, I think he bumped into the new wall trying to get in the kitchen. He screamed and then mumbled something about why he had to live in a house where doorways turned into walls without advanced notice!
grace and peace,


Carmen S. said...

Oh how I feel for you! Leave it up to a man to suggest washing dishes in the bathroom, good grief!I'm sure doorways turning into walls and fridgerators turning into pantrys would be confusing, hopefully it will all be done soon, and to think, this all started with a plan to just paint the kitchen walls, LOL!!!!!

Mountain Mama said...

I remember when we were doing a kitchen remodel. It also happened to be deer season. Of course, Brian got one and now we had to process it. Yep, in the bathroom sink. Disaster! Fat, blood, meat etc everywhere. Our sink was clogged from that time on. Way to put your foot down on the kitchen sink!!!

TnFullQuiver said...

I fogot that this all started with me wanting to change the paint color!

I can visualize your bathroom all too well. When michael was in the Navy stationed in upstate New York, one of the guys caught a salmon and brought it to our house to process because his wife wouldn't allow it at his house! They cut that thing up in the bathtub. It wasn't the size of a deer, but it sure did make a mess.

grace and peace,

Marci said...

Aaaahhhh... character building exercises for your household. You will all be quite the characters when Michael is done. :)

This will be a funny memory in a short while. Or at least keep telling yourself that.

Paige said...

Ug! I HATE not having my kitchen in order. When Dan and moved into our apartment, the location was the big deal for us, so we negotiated to have the price lowered until the kitchen was done (the apartment was in the process of remodeling). Dishes were done in the bathroom for about a month--no fun! I can't imagine it with a full house of hungry men of various sizes! Good luck!