Friday, June 29, 2007

A Teenager's View of a Little Mess

Teenagers are strange creatures. I heard a joke that goes something like this: Why did God have Abraham offer Issac as a sacrifice when he was 12? If He had waited until he was a teenager it wouldn't have been a sacrifice!

I have had a few of those moments with our teenagers. Our oldest son is 16 and our next son is 13. They see things a bit differently from me at times. Sometimes it is a good thing, but most of the time it isn't. Recently we were out of town for a funeral. We left our oldest son in town to stay with his best friend's family. He came out to the farm twice a day to check on the animals. Due to the fact that the death was unexpected, we had to leave suddenly which did not allow us any time to board our English Mastiff. We made the decision to leave her in Michael's shop with plenty of food and water. Everyday we talked to our son, and he said she was doing great. She had only destroyed one bag of potting soil. Imagine for yourself a clean shop with one bag of potting soil strewn about. That wasn't that big of deal. We came home that evening to the pictures above. Matthew's response to the above mess was that since Missy didn't eat the important stuff...table saw, planer, drill press, he didn't think it was a big deal. He thought he must only report the things of value to us that she had gotten into. I guess a bag of potting soil was valuable in his mind, but two huge trash cans held no significance!!! We all pitched in and got the mess cleaned up fairly quickly. The lesson I learned is to ask questions of teenagers....lots and lots of questions.....very specific questions!!!!
grace and peace,

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