Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Enjoying the Beauty of Flowers

Here are a few arrangements that I made last week with my daughter. Flowers are one of my great pleasures of life. I have always loved them. To grow them myself adds another dimension of pleasure for me. Growing flowers and making flower arrangements is probably the most creative thing that I do. I have flowers all over the house. My favorite flower to grow is by far zinnias, but I do love to grow several different flowers. Several years ago Michael and I thought about growing and selling flowers at the farmer's market. We bought The Flower Farmer by Lynn Byczynski. This is a great book full of all kinds of information. I still think that we could be successful flower farmers, but we also came to the conclusion it just wasn't the right season in our life. That idea has been put on hold until our youngest child grows up just a bit more.
I have a plaque in my kitchen that says "Children are the flowers in the garden of life". Wow, I couldn't agree more!!! Two of our children are off to Ky visiting grandparents. It seems odd without them here, but I know that they need some "Meemaw" time to enjoy. I always loved going to my grandmother's farm when I was a child. I loved having her all to myself, and I know that being on her farm was the catalyst for wanting a farm of my own. Since two of our children are off having fun, I am taking our 3rd child for a special day with just me and him. He loves history and we have some great historical things to do right here in our own town. We are going to do that and enjoy lunch out somewhere together. It should be an enjoyable day.
grace and peace,

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