Sunday, June 17, 2007

The Rest of the Story

Yesterday was a normal Saturday on our farm. However, Michael was busy working on the computer to meet a deadline for his job. Jacob and Hope each had a friend over for the day. That was were the excitement began. Jacob and his friend came running in the house screaming something about Lizzy the cow. I could not decipher what they were saying because they were so excited and loud. I finally calmed them down enough to hear that Lizzy had her calf. This was very shocking news because we were told by Tnfarmgirl that Lizzy was due in August. We weren't even sure until recently that she was with calf because she didn't look as big as we expected her to be. We all ran outside to find this calf that these boys swore up and down that they had seen. Sure enough...they knew enough to know that it was a calf. They told us it was a boy, and by this time I believed that we had a boy calf. We loaded all the children up in the truck to go take a better look at the new baby. I looked, and I too believed we had a boy calf. After all there was something hanging down that looked like it would be a male part. I was a little sad because Michael had already told me that if it was a boy we would raise him for meat. After much gazing and discussing, Michael determined that this boy calf was very much a girl calf. I still wasn't convinced. What exactly was that thing hanging down that looked like a boy part???? After we came home, Michael called me downstairs to the computer. He had a picture of the calf on the computer, and it was a back end shot. He proceeded to give me an anatomy lesson. Let's just say I now agree that it is a girl calf too. Apparently that thing hanging down had been where her cord was!! Can you believe I am a Mom of 5 kids...and 4 of them are boys!!!!

Of course I called Tnfarmgirl and asked her "What about August?" She was confused until I told her about the calf. She then explained that Lizzy had been a.i. and should have been due in June. However, they didn't think that she conceived so they did the procedure again giving her an August due date. Apparently the first time DID take.

I am so thankful to the Lord for this new addition to our farm. Somehow having a new calf makes it seem more like a "real" farm to me. Sounds crazy I know, but honest none the less.

grace and peace,

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