Saturday, June 30, 2007

Enjoying Saturday

Today there hasn't been much "have to's" on the list of chores to complete. There are many chores there still remaining, but none too pressing. While we were at a baseball tournament last night, my husband was informed that the fish were biting. This bit of news caused him to rearrange his Saturday. He took 2 of our boys and went to the river today for a little relaxation. I am so glad that they all enjoy fishing. I HATE to fish. I blame this on my dad who never had enough room to take me when I was a child. He always took my two older brothers and that was enough to fill the boat. Now my husband is reaping the benefits of my dad's bad decision. I feel like I have done my job by contributing 5 children to my husband's hobbies of hunting and fishing. Michael asked me one early cold morning while he was getting ready to go hunt deer if I would "just this once come with him". I thought about was very cold outside, the tree stand was very high up in the tree, and if a deer did come in his path I would witness the death....I promptly said "NO"! Thank God that this isn't the only time that he wants me to spend time with him or I guess I would have to muster up the courage to go hunting. I do love to shoot guns, and I think I would really enjoy shooting a bow. However, I like to shoot at targets not animals. I am not opposed to hunting in the least, I just have too big of a heart to participate in it. I will cook whatever meat is brought our way. When he was in the Navy stationed in New York, there was a man that loved to hunt. He was not interested in eating anything he killed so he always brought it to our house. He and Michael worked opposite shifts, so he would bring the squirrels in a bread bag and place them in our refrigerator until Michael got home to clean them. One of Michael's favorite breakfasts is fried squirrel and biscuits and gravy. (Thank God I am not a big breakfast eater)! This same guy knocked on our door around 10:00 p.m. one Sunday night. Michael opened the door and on our front stoop was Greg and a dead salmon. He wanted to clean it, but his wife wouldn't let him use their bath tub. He figured if I could have dead squirrels in my frig then I wouldn't mind a dead salmon in my bath tub. Such is the life of a woman married to a man that enjoys hunting and fishing. I wouldn't have it any other way.

grace and peace,

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