Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Kitchen Remodel

We have about decided that we want a great room for sure. The plans have been made to remove the wall between the living room and dining room/kitchen area. I say "about decided" because until the wall actually comes down I can still change my mind. The only hesitation that I have is that whoever walks through the front door will be able to see my kitchen in all it's glory. Somedays that isn't a bad thing...other days I would be humiliated if my own mother saw it! I keep telling myself that it will be a good incentive to keep my kitchen cleaned at all times. Truth be told, we don't have many drop in people other than teenagers. I have learned one thing about the teenagers who stop by my house: they don't care what the kitchen looks like as long as I have some food and sweet tea for them to enjoy!

I am spending this afternoon taking all the dishes out of my kitchen hutch and cabinets that are on the wall that separates the kitchen from the living room. I have decided to hide the dishes in the laundry room on a table. (See why I hate this type of process? It doesn't just affect the room that your working in, but it messes with the entire house)! The hutch will have to be moved from its current location when the remodel is complete. It sits on the counter top with base cabinets that are attached to our bar area. Michael will have to build a bottom part for the hutch and we will move it in the dining area. I will love it in its new home I am sure, but I really would like to have a time frame for it getting a base. I can only hide the china in the laundry room for so long you know!

grace and peace,


Boysaplenty!! said...

The plan you are talking about is exactly the way my kitchen is. It is ranch style as well and was built about the same time as your home. When you walk in my front door you immediately enter the dining room and straight ahead is the kitchen. I had the same fears and hesitations that you are having now but I really love do love the open feeling. We remodeled our kitchen a couple of years ago and I had a breakfast bar built across from the sink area. It is about 36-40 inches high and somewhat blocks the sink view. I can email you a pic if you would like. Just let me know.

Carmen S. said...

Oh I just can't wait to see it all done!!!! I wonder what Missy will think of it? More room for her to mosey around, lol!!!

Paige said...

I'm sure that you'll love it! I think that it much be a male things about a "great room." Dan's obsessed and we've done a lot of thinking as to how to design our house with one, haha.

I'm sure it will look great and at least all those munchkins are home to toss their football gear on the washer and dryer--and compete for using the area with all those dirty clothes! Good luck getting it all done!

TnFullQuiver said...

It sounds identical to what Michael is talking about doing here. Please send me many as you can! thanks for the info. Do you still have my email address? If not, let me know through the comment.
Thanks a bunch!

Missy isn't too happy about all the mess at the moment. I will let you know how she likes the final outcome!
grace and peace,

bsadams said...

I feel for you on the mess, even when we paint a room it seems as though every room is a mess but you are gonna love it when it's done :)and those folks who may see your messy kitchen?? well, we all have one of those kitchens from time to time :) I think you'll like it better this way, I'm excited for you to have it done! sharon