Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Flowers Make Me Happy

I spent about an hour this morning picking green beans. While I was picking, I was drinking in the beauty of the flowers. They sure are pretty this year or maybe I just am taking more time to enjoy them this year than I did last year.

The Bachelor Button's are cute as buttons. I just love them sprinkled throughout my flower beds.

The Zinnias are doing well. I was beginning to wonder if they were going to display much beauty this year, but they have finally gotten into the show. I think this is my prettiest bed of zinnias yet. The spacing is just right to make them stand out and look radiant.
Even with all the craziness that life can throw my way, I still love to walk and take in the beauty of the flowers. They always bring a smile to my face every time I walk down their way. I encourage you to pick up some flower seeds and grow some happiness. You won't be sorry!
grace and peace,


Paige said...

So pretty! I love it!

TnFullQuiver said...

Thanks! I miss you! We just found out that Meadow Creek Resort, where you all rented the horses for the day, is up for sale. Michael has been salivating over it, but the price tag is too pricey for our budget!
love ya,

Paige said...

I miss you guys too! Oh, wow, I can't believe that they're selling it! The property is really nice, I must say. How much do they want for it?