Monday, August 03, 2009

Out of Sight, Out of Mind

I miss the days of a clean kitchen. It seems like so long ago that everything was in its place. Instead now everything is one big gigantic mess while the paneling is being ripped off the walls. The hutch is sitting on the floor and dishes are now stacked on the very top of my upper cabinets to keep them out of harms way. So whenever everything is one big mess what is a family to do? Pack up and go on a weekend trip of course! Why would we want to do such a thing you ask? Well, it was time for our little ones to return home from visiting grandparents in Kentucky. We went and spent some time with our family. We returned home last night with all of our children back in their rightful place in our home. It was nice to forget about the mess for several days. I live with the motto, "Out of sight, out of mind!" So I could be away pretending all was well in our lovely clean non-remodeled home. Never mind the fact that the walls are really coming down and the dryer, weed eater, tiller and various other items are broken! On the up side of things, the English Mastiff has now returned to her content self since all of her children are back home again. She must have been bored this past week because she kept getting herself into all kinds of trouble!

grace and peace,


Carmen S. said...

Glad your back and Missy is happy! I was looking through some of your older posts the other day and I found her in a few very silly situations, one pic she had a bubble gum wrapper and I about fell outta my chair when I spotted her with the FLOSS!!! What a doggie...thanks for the laughs:)

bsadams said...

oh, I agree!! I love reading about Missy's escapades :) makes me excited for ours to get here, and I love the way she is with your kids, we have a 3 year old and they will be great friends...Missy probably worried more about the absent kids than the kitchen, huh? haha

TnFullQuiver said...

Missy is a great dog for a load of laughs!!! I am glad you are enjoying her stories!

I can't wait until your Mastiff joins your house. Please keep me up to date on how it goes for you. My advice on potty training...get a shovel. Their pile of poop is big!!! Missy did miss the kids and she was undone with the kitchen being torn apart which caused for a dog that got into lots of trouble!
grace and peace,