Friday, August 14, 2009

Ready or Not Here Comes the Routine

In our area, school always starts back around August 10th. For me, this seems like the middle of summer. Since none of the school officials consulted me about the scheduling for the year, our children returned to school this past Monday. There have been changes in our home this year concerning school. Our oldest will be starting college soon and our youngest is starting kindergarten at home. Our other three children have all gone to our local schools. We live in a small community and our schools are also small. My kids have had a great week, but the tiredness is showing on all of our faces this morning. It is hard to end summer so abruptly and start a new school year. I like when old familiar routines return. It reminds me of slipping into comfortable old shoes! They help keep me on the right course. I have learned that a good day starts the previous evening. The kitchen must be in order so that breakfast can be prepared on time to get everybody out the door. The kids choose their clothes for the next day and take their showers. My daughter is much better about this than I am. She has always lived her life in this manner. Usually by the evening, I am finished and don't want to attend to another thing. My motto is that it can wait till morning! I am trying to break this habit in my own life.
I feel as if I am living in two separate worlds at times. One world says it is fall and it is school time. The other world daily displays the fact that summer is still very much a part of our life. The summer heat is bringing in tomatoes by the bushels. This is the time of year that canning is rampant in our home. Although I haven't canned as much as in years past, it is something that is still a part of almost everyday in our home. If I am not canning something, then my hands are busy in the garden. I think I will call the school officials and tell them this early to school schedule thing isn't working for me. I would prefer a September date to start school. Something tells me that they don't really care so I guess I will just focus on cleaning the kitchen after dinner each evening! I am sure that will be more productive!!!!
grace and peace,


Carmen S. said...

Boy that sounds early, our schools here in NW PA don't start til sept. 2. My son will be a senior this year, so routine as I have known it for the last 17 yrs. will end after this school year:)

TnFullQuiver said...

I like your school schedule better than ours! I hope your son has a wonderful senior year.
grace and peace,