Monday, August 24, 2009

Happy Days Are Here Again

Although our main computer bit the dust, my husband was able to save our two hard drives which means that all of our pictures were saved. We learned a valuable lesson from this computer crash. Now we have several different backups of our pictures as well as our finances. I will be posting regularly once again now that I have my pictures. We decided not to replace our computer for awhile, but we do have a nice laptop that we can use. I have missed the blogging world, but I have gotten quite a bit accomplished during my absence. First, I canned 45 quarts of tomatoes, and 6 more pints of sauce. We also had a wonderful visit from out of town friends. Come back tomorrow and perhaps I will post a yummy recipe. I have cooked a lot recently so I have several recipes that I would like to share. Hope you all have a great day!
grace and peace,

6 comments: said...

Our family just returned from a tubing trip down a river in FL, away from internet, phones, etc., it was very therapeutic! God sometimes has His ways of relaxing us physically & spiritually for our good! We did miss you while you were temporarily gone!

Carmen S. said...

So glad to hear the pictures are okay, can't wait to see the new recipes:)

Andrea Cherie said...

Wow, that's a lot of tomatoes!!

We are in the process of backing up all our photos online right's a looooong process, I have over 25 gig of pics on my computer!

Faith said...

I back up all of mine on Flickr, and I got an external hard drive last month of 1 TB for about 90 dollars including shipping.

My PC was maxed out, so I hope I have given it some breathing room.


bsadams said...

so glad you're back and with all your pics safe and sound!!! I'm excited for new recipes, I made your cinnamon rolls awhile back...awesome!
How's your remodeling coming along?

TnFullQuiver said...

Our remodeling is in the get ready to do it stage. Before we can get into major stuff, Michael needs to put up temporary fencing for our cows and extract honey from the hives. These are our last two time sensitive projects that must be done and then we will be knocking the wall down! I'll keep you posted. Thanks for asking.

You sound like a smart woman. We too have changed our ways and made some major backup plans!

Andrea Cherie,
The thought of losing our photos bothered me more than losing the business contacts and the finances. I was so thankful when Michael was able to retrieve everything. Happy photoing!!!

Thanks, Carmen!

I love it when we go away and have no form of internet or tv or other stimuli. It is very relaxing. I am glad you had a great vacation, and I am glad you missed me while I was gone. Thank you for saying it!

grace and peace,