Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Desserts are something that my family really enjoys. I usually only serve them on Sunday or whenever we have company. A dear friend of mine shared her baby cheesecake recipe with me. We love baby cheesecakes! These little jewels are easy to make and taste best if made ahead of time. To serve them, just place the little bite size cheesecakes on a pretty platter so that each guest can choose his own. How easy is that?

Her recipe is posted here

Take a few minutes and check out Concetta's Cafe after printing her Baby Cheesecake recipe. This girl knows how to cook and how to host ANY gathering. Every time I eat at her table I feel like I have just landed in a magazine with all the pretty things around me. Then reality hits me as she so graciously makes a meal into wonderful fellowship and I know that this is no magazine, but instead a time of treasured friendship.

grace and peace,

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