Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The Wall is Coming Down

This is the wall that separates our living room from our kitchen and dining room. The structural engineer man finally came. He was only 8 days late. As soon as I saw him, I decided I couldn't be frustrated with his inept scheduling and lack of phone calls. He looked like one of my dad's old friends and my heart quickly softened. He also said things like "this will work fine", and "your house will still remain structurally sound if you follow these steps". The great part about it was that he didn't end any of his sentences with, "I think". No, he was completely positive about his recommendations unlike the nuclear engineers in my husband's office who ended every sentence with "I think". This is why it is wise to trust a structural engineer when building or tearing down walls, and a nuclear engineer when you want to make power or blow something into small bits.
Our next step will be for Michael to detail his plans on paper, and then he can order the beam that will be installed to support the load of our home. I am wanting this to be done NOW, but I know he needs a bit of time to think it all through. Michael doesn't do anything without a well thought out plan. That is good when you are removing walls. It is amazing that I can get anything done in all the kitchen mess, but these kids want to eat no matter the state of the kitchen. Come back later today and I will post a new salsa recipe that was out of this world that I made for the first time yesterday.
grace and peace,


bsadams said...

that's great!! it will be finished before you know it and you'll love it!! sharon

Paige said...

Ooh! Maybe you should get a little video going of when they finally knock down the wall! Dan's going to be so jealous--he LOVES great rooms! :)