Monday, August 31, 2009

Farm News

The garden is winding down. We still have lots of peppers and enough tomatoes to still pick and eat. Our zinnias are still beautiful. I just wish I had my house renovation finished so I could enjoy lovely bouquets throughout our house. I lose my motivation for arranging flowers when I still have kitchen cabinets sitting on my floor!

This past weekend resulted in temporary fences almost completed. It took Michael and 3 boys a lot of hard work to clear out the weeds and string up the fence for our cows. We were also able to load up the remaining meat birds and take them to a friend's house so her family can butcher them. We have enough in our freezer, and we just ran out of time and desire. This way they will still be used for their intended purpose. I now feel like I can roam around my barn without being stalked by the great meat birds!

The man who is clearing our woods stopped by yesterday. While he was here, Michael asked him to look at the Black Angus cow that we are going to use for meat. We didn't think she was big enough, but he assured us she was at least 850 pounds. He has dealt with cattle for a long time so we are taking his word for it. Michael will be loading her up to go to the butcher either today or tomorrow. I really like this cow. She is mellow and easy going. I guess the truth is I don't like to butcher any of our animals!

The other large job that was accomplished this weekend was that we brought back our Black Angus cow named Agnus. She is our breeding cow, and she has spent some time at TnFarmgirl's farm enjoying the company of Big Daddy the Black Angus bull. Agnus delivered a beautiful calf this past Wednesday. We went and loaded the both of them in the stock trailer and brought them back home. We still have two more cows to retrieve. Those are the two that wandered over to our friendly neighbor's farm several months ago. As soon as the temporary electric fence is finished, we can get those two and we will have everybody back where they belong!

I am looking so forward to fall this year and tucking our farm to bed for the winter. Once we get these chores finished, we can then get hot and heavy on the house renovations. I can't wait!!!

grace and peace,


Boysaplenty!! said...

That's funny, I was just wondering how your kitchen project was going. I know how you feel with everything out of sorts! Maybe that project will pick up again soon.

Have you thought about doing a post on processing your chickens for meat? My hubby recently agreed to give it a go (he has horrible childhood memories/smells) but when I promised him we wouldn't eat them for a while after butchering day he said okay. I think we can still raise them before winter here in FL. don't you? Any tips would be appreciated!

TnFullQuiver said...

Our kitchen project is still going slowly. It will pick up once again as soon as these few farm chores are completed.

There is no way on earth I would ever post about processing our own chickens. first, I run from the process the first chance I get. I HATE HATE HATE processing chickens. We used a wonderful post by Herrick Kimbell. His blog is The Deliberate Agrarian and I think Cheri has a link to it from her blog. If you can't find it, just let me know and I will get it for you. I am hoping that we will never butcher another chicken again here on this farm. That is how much I hated it. Cheri was telling me about a brand of chicken sold in our local grocery that is antibiotic and gross stuff free. That brand is now my new favorite friend, and I plan on buying it from now on. She calls me everytime it goes on sale and I will stock up on it in the future. Did I mention that I hated to process our own chicken? The good thing is that I know if need be due to economy issues or some catastrophe we have the knowledge to do it. The women of old who use to wring the chicken's neck and have it plucked and cleaned and served for breakfast are my new hereos!!!! You should be fine to raise them before winter in Florida. It doesn't take too long for them to mature. Let me know what you think after processing day...and don't let your husband read my comment!!!!!

grace and peace,