Tuesday, February 24, 2009


For those of you watching my garden timeline, I thought I would share with you that I made my potato order today. Tnfarmgirl told me about a company called Ronnigers. I called and placed my order. It was more expensive than just going to our local farm store. I had to pay almost $30 in shipping, but according to Tnfarmgirl the yields will be well worth it. The past few years I have had a hard time getting my hands on Yukon Golds in our area. It seemed the day they were delivered at the stores they also sold out. Since I was always about a week behind, I never had an opportunity to purchase the Yukon Gold potatoes. That was my main reason for ordering. I knew I would get what I wanted and it would be delivered to my front door on or around the date that I choose. I have also always wanted to grow garlic. According to the buzz all around, fresh garlic is wonderful. Ronnigers also offers garlic so I ordered that too. That will be my first new garden experience for 2009! I also ordered Kennebec and Red Norland potatoes. The Kennebec is an old potato that should be a good keeper and Red Norland is one of those red new potatoes that we grew up on here in the south. They are wonderful cooked in a pot of fresh garden green beans. Give me a few green onions and a glass of sweet tea and in my opinion you would have a meal fit for a king. The men in my family would require meat to be served too!!!

grace and peace,


Andrea Cherie said...

My husband is the same way about meat. The first year we were dating we spent Easter with our own families. I remember seeing him later Sunday afternoon and he was just beside himself that his Grandma had served lunch without meat! That meal is still burned in his mind as being downright awful!

Paige said...

It must just have something to do with having that Y chromosome...seriously. I'm not a vegetarian, but I'm very satisfied with meat-less meals. Dan would disagree.

Country Whispers said...

I'll have to check that site out!

Tracy said...

We grew Yukon Golds last summer and they are outstanding. We're still eating on them, though we'll be running out in 2-3 weeks. That lets us know we need to plant more.

I love your blog!


TnFullQuiver said...

Andrea Cherie and Paige,
I most certainly think it is a male thing. My daughter doesn't have to have meat either, but all my males are meat eaters!

Country Whispers,
I think you will like what you see. Let me know!

In my opinion, Yukon Golds flavor is hard to beat. I am glad to know that they have kept well for you. That is encouraging for the upcoming season. I am so glad you enjoy our blog. Thanks for letting me know!
grace and peace,