Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Clearing Continues

Robert was out early this morning clearing more trees. He is close enough to the house now that I can watch the trees fall on the hillside. I think it is going to be beautiful when we get this all finished. I know the new pasture will be much appreciated by our animals, and the hay that can be grown will be much appreciated by our checkbook! For this winter, we have spent $3,400 in hay to feed our animals, and we aren't sure that will get us through the winter. If we had to keep purchasing hay from other farmers, we could never make a profit on our sheep. We could have cut down on our hay expense if we didn't have the horses. Nobody wants horses in our area right now due to the expense of hay, and I don't think we could give them away to anyone. I still like them and as long as we can feed them we will keep doing so.

The last few days have been warm and beautiful in our area. It is a reminder of what spring will feel like very soon. I am looking forward to packing away the heavy coats and gloves! Michael and the boys made great progress on the fence this past weekend. Maybe in the next two to three weeks we can move the sheep to their new pasture and out of our backyard. That sounds like a dream come true!!!!!

grace and peace,

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