Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The Lion and the Lamb and Jacob

Well, Missy isn't really a lion, but the English Mastiff does have a bit of the lion look when they run. Yesterday was beautiful outside so Missy took her broken foot down to the backyard to play with our house lamb. The house lamb is more attached to Missy than she is the other sheep. I hope the house lamb has some discernment whenever she sees the Border Collie! He won't take kindly to her wanting to snuggle up for a nice nap.

Here is a better picture of Angel. She has grown considering she started out at 4 pounds. She follows us around like a dog. Whenever we are out working, she is always there. She is still small enough to squeeze through the fences to come and find us. Yesterday, I sat outside on the deck and read to Seth. Angel heard my voice and started crying frantically. She knew I was around, but she couldn't find me. She wasn't hungry at the time, but she was ready to be loved on for a bit. She loves to be scooped up into our arms and snuggled. I am sure a more seasoned farmer would tell me that I need to cut the cord with this little lamb...that I am setting myself up for trouble down the road. I know they would be right, but for now she still is our little house lamb!!
I also had to play the "trump card" with my husband. You know that "card" that a wife holds that pulls the heart strings of the man she loves. Michael mentioned that Angel probably won't make a good mother or a good sheep. He suggested we eat her. I trumped him and asked him to just keep her as a pet if for no other reason than because he loves me and I care about her. I don't often ask him to make unwise decisions, and I am sure that a seasoned farmer would tell me this is unwise. However, I really am attached to this sheep and I want her to live a long happy life here on our farm even if she is nothing more than a pet. Since I hardly EVER play the "trump card" in our marriage, he was more than willing to let me have my way. Well, I am sure he wouldn't call it more than willing, but he gave me what I wanted anyway!
grace and peace,


Amy Ellen said...

Well thank goodness. I would never have had the heart to eat a lamb I raised. As it is I can hardly eat lamb period. Something about their cute little cuddly selves and the sweet little faces and the maaaa-maaaaa sounds. SIGH..... I would not make a good sheep farmer.

Oh well, I guess I can live with that, LOL

Andrea Cherie said...

awww how sweet!

Boysaplenty!! said...

Can't say as I blame you Julie! I can totally relate to the trump card! I am holding a few "cards" of my own and I would definitely use one of them on that little sweetie ;) Enjoy her!

Kristin said...

Angel is so adorable :) It must fun to see her cuddling with a giant mastiff!

Unknown said...

well you'll have to tell me how to store trump cards, cause when i get married i'm sure negotiations will be on their way. besides i've had my way all my life, ha! (well kinda sorta)is that like i hear women keeping new clothes in the trunk till hubby gone and then telling them "oh you''ve seen this" or "its been at the cleaners for so long", ha

TnFullQuiver said...

Read today's post for your answer!!
grace and peace,