Saturday, February 07, 2009

Fences and Helpers

Today is suppose to be much warmer than the last few days. Last weekend was spent working on the fence for the sheep. This weekend will be spent doing the same. After all, these sheep can't stay in the backyard forever. I have to get my spring garden out soon!!!

Jacob will be helping his dad with fences. Jacob is always good to help do anything outside. He loves the farm and the work that comes with it.

These two helpers just love the farm...the work that comes with it could be left up to Jacob if they had their wish. However, their strong manly bodies are needed to get that fence done.
And what about my day? Well my day will be spent in the shop planting seeds. Due to my mom's visit, I had put the seed planting off for a time. It doesn't look like her power is going to be coming on anytime soon so she will be here longer than she had expected. Therefore, I will need to go ahead and plant my seeds. Maybe playing in the dirt will scratch that spring itch I have been feeling lately!
grace and peace,


Paige said...

Look at all those handsome boys!!

And I got to get some dirt under my fingernails the other day, too! Did H tell you about the pineapple? It put out roots so it needed a regular home! Also a few house plants to repot for some green amongst the snow.

TnFullQuiver said...

Doesn't it feel wonderful to play in the dirt a bit...even living in an apartment? I have never been one to have pretty houseplants. When we lived in our apartment, I had several of them throughout our home. It just made me feel good. I also would splurge and every spring when we lived in upstate new york I would purchase a blooming potted tulip or hyancith plant. It made me feel like spring was there even though there was still a foot of snow covering the ground! love ya!!!