Saturday, October 04, 2008

Time to Smell the Flowers

Yesterday was an incredibly busy day. Don't take me wrong, it was a great day, but it was very full. Michael got a lot accomplished on the farm. First, the hay had to be moved so that we could put the building down by the garden. Michael fired up the tractor and went to work with that task. The man came to move the building, and now that job is completed. Michael and Jacob tried to load up two cows to take them to get bred. Only one cow cooperated so we all piled into the truck for a drive. If the other cow will play our game and get into the stock trailer, we will take her later today or tomorrow. Throw in 4 extra teenagers for supper, a ballet rehearsal, and a Friday night football game and you have a summation of our Friday. Oh, I forgot to bake a homemade cake for the silent cake auction at school. My son said not to worry about it, but the girl organizing the event called to offer to pick up my masterpiece. After quickly getting off the phone with her, I threw together an Apple Cake. Although it is not a stunningly beautiful cake, it sure does taste good. It did fetch some money last night. The extra boys that were here for supper offered to buy it from me if I wouldn't take it to school. They already had homemade chocolate chip cookies, but they wanted the Apple Cake too!
Today will be a farm day as well as a house recovery day. 30 more bales of hay are scheduled to arrive here this afternoon. I saw that Michael hooked up the back hoe to the tractor, but I have no idea what his plans are with that. I am ready to sit and smell the flowers, but I think that will have to wait until tomorrow!!!
grace and peace,

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