Monday, October 06, 2008

Fall Decoration and Snack

I like to decorate with food items. I love to sprinkle apples here and there around candles or to place oranges in pretty baskets with a seasonal ribbon tied around the handle. My mom told me about a great snack that is also a pretty decoration. She ate it at a friend's house, and said it tasted great. It's so simple that I had my doubts. I don't even like candy corn! Well, I didn't until I ate this. Take candy corn and mix in peanuts. Place in a pretty serving bowl and you have a great snack plus a pretty fall decoration. My oldest son, the resident health nut, made fun of my decoration. (By the way, he was digging in with both hands to eat his fill. Does the peanuts make it healthy in a teenager's mind)??? He said we are the only family he knows that EATS their decorations!!! I reminded him that ALL of his friends manage to show up here around meal time! He said that is only because at their house decorations are off limits!!!
grace and peace,


motherofmany said...

I like to take an apple and stick cloves in all around it, like Ma did in Little House in the Big Woods, and put in by my sink. It smells so wonderful!

TnFullQuiver said...

Mother of many,
Sounds like a great idea!!! Thanks for a new smell good decoration for the kitchen!
grace and peace,

Marci said...

Julie, I love it that you decorate this way. I love this picture because that is something my Mom did every year. She mixed the candy corn and peanuts. I always think of her when I see it. I do it some years, but we eat it. =) Not enough boys to keep it gone.