Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Clearing of the Woods

Robert has continued clearing the woods. He is also a truck driver so he works on our woods when he has the extra time. He has worked about 20 hours in all and he has done an amazing amount of work. He is leaving every hard wood tree that he can. We drive to the back of the property often to see how much he has gotten cleared. It looks so different. I think I am going to be pleased with the outcome. Michael found a website that has pictures from satellites of the area. These pictures even show our fence line. He used the information and figured that we are using a total of 3 1/2 acres of our property. This is the l amount now that we are using for all of our animals. By having this work done on our woods, which by the way are in terrible shape from the pine beetles, we will be increasing our usable land by about 11 acres. Although having the work done is expensive, it is still MUCH cheaper than purchasing more land.

Here is a look at our soon to be pasture area. When Robert is finished, he will smooth the ground and make it ready for the next step. Michael will have to rent some equipment to properly sow the seed to make the pastures.

Here is one of the large burn piles that we will have to burn. Robert has already gotten a permit to start burning the piles. He wants to do this while he continues to clear the other trees. This way he will have his large machine back there to move the piles as needed. I didn't realize he would also take care of the burning part of it. I was happy to hear that news!
grace and peace,


Lea of Farmhouse Blessings said...

How very exciting! It looks just lovely. Will you use your pasture to graze more livestock?


TnFullQuiver said...

We will use our pasture to graze the animals. We want to rotate the animalss from pasture to pasture to keep the grass in the best shape possible. We will also be adding to our sheep flock as we continue to have more lambs born. We are also hoping to be able to cut our own hay next year. We have spent a small fortune over the last two years for hay, and we would like to put an end to that expense.
grace and peace,