Thursday, October 09, 2008

Farm Life

The sheep are still enjoying the hay. It goes without saying that the horses are still eating their fair share. I glanced out the kitchen window this morning and was startled to find our jersey cow had a calf with her. This cow is only 16 months old and we were pretty certain that she hadn't been bred. She could have slipped through the fence over to the neighbor's bull, but we were certain she was too young for this. Apparently she is just "watching" the neighbor's new calf for him. I am sure the calf's momma is all up in arms wondering where her new baby is spending the day. Needless to say we still have some fence repairs to do.
grace and peace,

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Amy Ellen said...

Ahhh a visitor, how nice! You know sheep and goats are great, they must be on top of the food what better way to eat it, LOL.