Thursday, October 02, 2008

Make Way for Fences

The little building that is behind my mom in this picture will be moved on Friday morning. I had originally wanted it down by the garden to house all the garden tools. You know... so I didn't have to haul my rump back and forth so much to get the odd and end things that I always forget. Michael wanted it close to the house. His perspective was that if it was closer to the house then we would stick all the unused items in there instead of his shop. In the end, he won and the building was put next to the barn which is just a few steps from the house. We spent the next few years loading it down with items that we used some, but not every day.

Michael called from work yesterday and asked me what I would be doing the next day. I told him the usual, and he asked if I thought I could empty the building with help from the kids before Friday morning. I told him it was possible although I wouldn't be thrilled with the task at hand. He told me that he had made an appointment to have the building moved down by the garden so it could become the garden shed instead of the junk shed next to the barn. It only took him two years and a few bucks to realize that I was right all along! Since I am not the kind of person to rub it in his face, I won't point out to him that I wanted the building down there in the first place.

After school and house chores, we will complete the task at hand. Guess where I am putting all the stuff??? Yep, in his shop!!!

grace and peace,


Amy Ellen said...

I hope the moving of the buidling goes smoothly. And yeah!!, a schnauzer. I love them. I raise the cute little guys. Your pictures are so wonderful.

TnFullQuiver said...

Amy Ellen,
My parents have had schnauzers for the last 18 years. When my dad was diagnosed with cancer and told he only had 6 months to a year to live, his beloved schnauzer died. He quickly decided to go get another puppy from the same breeder in Michigan. It was one of his last road trips, but he got little Gracie (she is the dog in the picture). While Daddy only lived about a year after he purchased Gracie, she brought him much joy. She is the sweetest dog ever. I tried to talk them into keeping her ears "natural", but as you can see in the picture they didn't take my advice!
grace and peace,

Anonymous said...

That dog is so adorable!