Monday, October 13, 2008

Herb Class and Soap from TnFarmGirl

Upon arriving home from visiting relatives last Christmas, we opened our kitchen door to find a beautiful basket waiting on our counter. Cheri, TnFarmGirl, had come all the way out to our home and left us a goody basket and dinner. I have used Cheri's salves for quite awhile. I LOVE all the different flavors of soaps she sells. My all time favorite is the chocolate and peppermint bar. It is like taking a bath in York Peppermint Patties! I also love using her tangerine soap. My skin also loves it!

I decided that I would participate in her medicinal herbal class this past weekend. It was great fun. I got to meet a lot of wonderful people, and I learned more about medicinal herbs than I thought possible. Cheri did a fantastic job teaching the class. I was glad to learn about how to make salves. I have used her salve for years, but had no idea how she got it the consistency that she did. Now, I know! I also got to see another side of Cheri. While we have been friends for years, I had never seen her teach a class. I have learned so much from her on a personal friendship basis, but I also learned she is an awesome public speaker and teacher! I am thankful that I participated in her class and learned something totally new.

I am happy to have the knowledge under my belt, but alas I have to deal with the realities of my own life. I just don't have time to make all the extras at this time of my life. I am content to continue purchasing them from her, but now I know how to make them in the event I need to.

While Michael and I know how to make soap and we have all the equipment, it is still easier to buy the soap from Cheri. This is just a season, and someday I will be able to go back to the joys of soap making. I am thankful that I have a supply of wonderful handmade soap.

I have recently tried her Citrus Shampoo Bar. Cheri gave us a basket of goodies for hauling a cow for her. In the basket, was a Citrus Shampoo Bar. I had never used anything but store bought shampoo, and I was a little skeptical. (Hey, I am being honest). I didn't think it would clean my hair the way the "real" shampoo did. Boy, was I ever wrong about that. My hair looks and feels great. I am sold!

I have much more to tell about our Saturday together. I met two awesome ladies from Florida and had a great dinner with them all. I will save all of those fun details for a later post. Until then...

grace and peace,


Andrea Cherie said...

Oh I so wanted to go to that class! The timing wasn't just right though!

Amy Ellen said...

You lucky duck. I have been reading Tn Farmgirls blog for awhile. And I thought that sounded soooo fun. Wish I had discovered her when I was living in Tn. Oh well, I bet you had alot of fun!

Marci said...

I have used her soaps and shampoo bars as well. They are wonderful!!!

Ace said...


Is there a website where I could purchase her products? I have two young babies and no time to make soap, but I would love to try some and learn about the herbs.

Many Blessings ;)

TnFullQuiver said...

Andrea Cherie,
She does the classes often so perhaps at a later date you can join in. It was a lot of fun though!

Amy Ellen,
Maybe you could schedule a "vacation" trip up this way soon and see if Cheri is offering a class at that time. There were 2 ladies from Florida who was making a trip this way for other reasons and altered their plans just a bit to include the class. They were the ones who stayed at Cheri's home for the Bed and Breakfast!

She does do a fantastic job with the soaps and shampoo bars. Michael and I intoduced soap making to her, but oh my, she has gone way beyond our capabilites with all the different varieties that she offers.

She does have a web site. If you go to her blog at my sidebar, there will be a link to her farm. It is Sweet Hollow Farm. If you can't find it that way, let me know I will give you the link. Hope you enjoy!!

grace and peace,