Wednesday, October 08, 2008

A Teaching Moment

After the building was moved, Michael wanted to start some renovations to that side of the barn. He solicited help from our second born son, Joshua. Before they left the house, I heard "Big Daddy Farmer" ask "Teenager Still Thinking About Farming" if he would like to learn how to run the tractor. My heart skipped a beat because there is something about tractors that make me cringe. Don't get me wrong or anything, I like tractors. I also know they can be dangerous and people who don't know how to operate them can get killed on them. Josh was thrilled with the whole notion. My motherly self was not so thrilled, but I chose to take another sip of coffee and let father work with son as father sees fit.

Michael spent a good deal of time teaching Josh about the tractor. I saw how painstakingly slow Josh was with the operation of the bucket, and I wondered if Michael had the urge to say, "Here, just let me do it!" I didn't see any of that, but I do know that Michael could have done it a lot faster. He was content to spend his time watching his son learn, and standing in case his young man needed more advice or guidance. While Josh still isn't ready to run the tractor without supervision, he is well on his way. When Josh came in the house for a drink, I asked him how he liked running the back hoe. He smiled and said that he liked it a lot more than using a shovel and his back!
grace and peace,


Marci said...

This is good quality time for dad and son. You were very wise to just take another sip of coffee. Good for you!!!

I am so sorry that I missed seeing you. I know you told me to let you know when we were in the area, but it was all so whirlwind and with gathering everything for the wedding, my mind did not think to take or ask for phone numbers, etc.

TnFullQuiver said...

Cheri called and told me that you had visited. I too was sorry to miss you, but I totaly understand whirlwind trips! I am glad the wedding went well. What did you think about east tennessee? I have come to believe that it is God's country... i love it here so much.

grace and peace,

Mountain Mama said...

I know how you feel. Brian lets our 3 older children drive the "camp truck" and do work on the backhoe. It scared me at first but I have warmed up to the idea and the children have done great. One more way they can help out.

Marci said...

Julie, we LOVED the area. Sue is hard at work for us looking for a farm to rent.