Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Making Room for Pastures

Robert got his machine fixed so he was back out on our property yesterday clearing more of the pine trees. I can't wait to head out there this evening to see what all he has gotten accomplished. He worked for 4 hours yesterday. I was amazed at what he got done in only an hour of work before his machine broke.

I am anxious to see the end result and I have to admit I am also nervous. We didn't want to clear the woods, but we needed to because of the damage that the pine beetles did several years ago. We also need pastures so we felt it was a better use of our money to fix what we have and use that instead of purchasing more.

Michael's family is heading our way today. His mom will be bringing Michael's brother's kids with her to enjoy the farm for the next several days. I have to quickly decide on a good dessert to make for tonight's dinner. I also need to finish putting the house together and get a good day of school completed with Jacob and Hope. Today will be the last day of school for them until Monday. I need to get busy with my day. Hope you have a great productive day!

grace and peace,

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