Monday, March 03, 2008

A Weekend of Productivity

The weather was perfect this weekend to head outside and get a few things accomplished so our family did just that. Joshua started the day with tilling 3 garden beds to prepare them for hoops.
Jacob spent some time early in the day cutting PVC pipe. Michael purchased a PVC cutter and that made the job so much faster than using a hack saw.
The boys drove rebar into the ground to attach the pvc to and Michael built the hoops. It is amazing what a little glue will do.
I planted 120 cabbage plants and 90 broccoli plants. Did I mention I have about 90 more broccoli plants and 30 cauliflower plants in the shop to still plant?
The end of the day saw us spreading plastic over the 2 beds. We laid heavy boards all down the front and sides to keep the wind from blowing the plastic. The weather was beautiful, but the moment that Michael cut the first strip of plastic the wind started blowing. I was thinking you gotta be kidding as I was holding with all of my strength not to lose the plastic. When we were finished the wind picked up even more. We spent the night wondering if our plastic was covering our neighbor's house or if it was still were we put it. When we got up this morning. Part of the plastic blew up, but it didn't blow off. I will be checking my plants soon to see if there was any damage.

We also made an order for a hive of bees over the weekend. They should be here in about a month. Prices of bees have really gone up. Michael said maybe we should go into the bee business. (I think NOT)!

Michael also went to the cattle market on Saturday. He didn't purchase anything, but it was a good learning experience. We did call several neighbors asking if they had any black angus steers for sale, but to no avail. Then yesterday afternoon 2 different neighbors called to let us know of a man selling 2 steers. I was amazed at how quickly the neighbors found us a cow. I just wish now they could stop the wind from blowing.

grace and peace,


Mountain Mama said...

Beautiful beds! I am envious. Our growing season is too short here in the mountains. We hope to do a greenhouse of some sort some day. Until then, I will watch your things grow.
ashley in ut

TnFullQuiver said...

I was a bit envious of all of your snow pictures! I encourage you to get a greenhouse.
I just was on your blog a bit ago. Your pictures of Tess are beautiful. I had a heart moment of thinking of a new little one. It is always so sweet when they are so small even though they require so much!
grace and peace,

ChickenMama said...

The new beds look great! I wish we had gotten our garden turned too, but other things came up. Now we've missed our opportunity for a while because it has rained and rained. Oh well.